Meeting of Veterans of Soil and Water Engineering Services Company (Pars)

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Meeting of Veterans of Soil and Water Engineering Services Company (Pars)
Following the coordination, the meeting of the veterans of the Water and Soil Engineering Services Company (Pars) was held in the presence of a group of veterans of the country, CEO, deputies and a number of staff managers on Sunday, October 25, 1400 at the company's headquarters. The summary of which is as follows:
Gathering by reciting verses from the words of God and playing the national anthem, the esteemed director of public relations and international affairs of the company, while offering condolences to the forty martyrs and faithful companions, as well as commemorating the martyrs and martyrs of eight years of holy defense, informed the gathering program. They provided.
After that, Dr. Ghasemi, the esteemed CEO of the company, while offering condolences to Imam Hussein (AS) and commemorating the Holy Defense Week, welcomed the veterans present at the meeting and summarized the status of the company and its conditions since the return of shares. The company referred to the government so far and the challenges and problems of the company and stated that it is necessary to use your opinions and suggestions in formulating the future strategy of the company. He also pointed out that the new approach of the board of directors is to use the potentials of the company in the water and agriculture sectors.
 After that, Mr. Engineers: Nadaf, Zare, Sajjadi, Alagband, Mousavi, Najafi, Safaeifar, Bazrafkan, Bazaz, Shokripour and Dr. Palouj expressed their views and opinions about the company's strategy and important points to consider. In formulating the company's strategy, they presented the following:
- More interaction and communication with the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and affiliated organizations and departments
- Presence in projects of new irrigation systems, drainage, water transmission lines with pipes
- More active presence of the company in consulting and software topics in the field of water and volumetric distribution of water and ...
- Participation in greenhouse design and construction projects,
Export of technical and engineering services in the fields of activity of the company to neighboring countries and issues related to extraterrestrial cultivation
- Increasing the productivity of human resources and resources of the company by addressing more issues and problems of human resources
Mr. Mahanfar, Director of Planning and Performance Evaluation of the company, gave a full explanation about the experience registration system on the website of the Soil and Water Engineering Services Company (Pars) in the meeting.
At the end of the meeting, the company's experience registration system was unveiled on the website in the presence of your veterans.
Dec 6, 2021 11:01
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