SWESC / projects / Construction of 3rd lot of Firouzabad-Ghir

Construction of 3rd lot of Firouzabad-Ghir

Agreement Specifications:

Project Name    : Construction of 3rd lot of Firouzabad-Ghir   

Contract No.             : 23280

Contract Date            : Dec.12, 2009

Contract Duration     : 30 months

Initial Agreement Price      : Rls. 134,957,056,349/-   USD 34,192,312 

Project Site        : Firouzabad

Contractor's Name     : Water and Soil Engineering Services Company 

Employer's Particulars:

Employer's Name       : Fars Province Road and Transport Dept. Gen.

Employer's Address  : Opposite to Turbin Bargh, Modares Blvd., Fars Province Road and Transport Dept. Gen. Shiraz, Iran 

Tel and Fax              : 0721-7264701

Consultant's Particulars:

Name of Consultant Engineers Co.: Pars Chagalesh Consultant Engineers Co.

Consultant's Address : No. 90, 38th Alley, Ghasrodasht St., Shiraz, Iran

Tel. and Fax              : 021-88211197, 0711-6253659,

Fax: 021-88211198, 0711-6354004

Main Volumes of Work Based on Initial Volumes of Agreement:

Summary of Work      : - Preparation of bed and execution of soil operation, infrastructure and superstructure operation of axis

- Execution of waterway , small bridges and walls

- Installation of shelters, road surface lining and installation of signs bases,

- Preparation and operation of necessary materials supply to be consumed in project

- Other operation required for completion of work and operation of project   

Earth filling volume   : 1194062 m3

Excavation volume    : 1956272 m3

Bar                   : 641531 kg.

Concrete Work           : 21200 m3

Base and Sub-base     :


Contractor's Representatives: Mr. Ali Jahanban & Mr. Hassan Alaghehband

Employer's Representative: Mr. Heydar Noroozi