Report on the construction of the B2-4 section of the North Tehran freeway

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Report on the construction of the B2-4 section of the North Tehran freeway
With the help of God Almighty and the great efforts of managers and all employees, "Leveling and drainage of Lahore oven in Khatam city
»In Yazd province and the support of managers and employees of the company headquarters, the project was finalized on Saturday, November 22, 1400, in the presence of members of the commission, consisting of esteemed representatives of the employer, monitoring and contractor, and another golden leaf on the honors of the service company Water and soil engineering of the country (Pars) was added to the construction of our beloved country Iran.
Do not be tired and thank the esteemed project manager Mr. Fattahi and all the hardworking colleagues (in the project and the company's headquarters) who have played a role in the completion and operation of this project.
Attached is a summary of the specifications and a photo album of part of the project implementation process.
Project Name: Level Lahore Furnace Leveling and Drainage
Employer: Agricultural Jihad Organization of Yazd Province
Monitoring device: water and soil management and technical and engineering affairs
Date of contract: 02/16/1398
Contract duration: 12 months
- Leveling of agricultural lands
- Piping of underground drainage laterals with PVC mesh pipe with a length of 16265 meters with a trench depth of up to 2 meters
- Construction of first, second and third grade drains with a trapezoidal cross section with a floor width of 1 meter and a side slope of one to 1.5 along 9800 meters and an average depth of 2.2 meters
- Construction of a bridge for 4 vehicles
- Piping with polyethylene pipe with a diameter of 200 to 1000 mm and a length of 2154 meters
- Other operations related to the construction of drainage network
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