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Construction of Soorak Reservoir Dam

Agreement Specifications:

Project Name    : Construction of Soorak Reservoir Dam 

Contract No.             : 310/87/2628

Contract Date            : July 10,  2008

Contract Duration     : 36 months

Initial Agreement Price      : Rls. 105,074,237,607/- equal to USD 30324455

Project Site                : Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari – Soorak 

Contractor's Name     : Water and Soil Engineering Services Company 

Employer's Particulars:

Employer's Name       : Ministry of Energy - Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari Regional Water Joint Stock Company

Employer's Address    : Corner of 7th Tir, Farabi Blvd., Shahr Kurd, Iran

Website             : www.cbrw.ir

Email                        : info@cbrw.ir

Tel and Fax              : 3334805-7, 3335098

Consultant's Particulars:

Name of Consultant Engineers Co.: Zayand Ab Consultant Engineers Co.

Consultant's Address : Next to Andisheh Hall, East Nazar St., Esfahan, Iran

Tel. and Fax              : 6243921-6246605     0311-6246760

Email                        : 

Main Volumes of Work Based on Initial Volumes of Agreement:

Summary of Work      : Construction of Soorak Reservoir Dam and affiliated installations (2nd section of execution operation) including: complete execution of earth filling of body of dam, buildings, grouting, hydromechanical equipment and instrumentation 

Earth filling volume   : 1264000 m3

Excavation volume    : 149730 m3

Bar                   : 152140 kg.

Concrete Work           : 3555 m3

Base and Sub-base     :- 


Contractor's Representatives: Mr. Mehdi Varshabi and Mr. Alireza Shariat Panahi

Employer's Representatives: Mr. Farajollah Sayadi and Mr. Abdollah Fazeli