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Project of flood control and organization of Halil River

Agreement Specifications:

Project Name    : Project of flood control and organization of Halil River

Contract No.             : 88/25

Contract Date            : July 19, 2009

Contract Duration     : 24 months

Initial Agreement Price      : Rls. 55,999,779,517/- equal to USD 14187935

Project Site                : Jiroft 

Contractor's Name     : Water and Soil Engineering Services Company 

Employer's Particulars:

Employer's Name       : Ministry of Energy - Kerman Regional Water Company

Employer's Address    : Pasdaran St., Kerman Regional Water Company, Kerman, Iran 

Consultant's Particulars:

Name of Consultant Engineers Co.: Saz Ab Pardazan Consultant Engineers Main Co.

Consultant's Address : No. 6, 20th St., Kurdestan Highway, Tehran, Iran

Tel. and Fax              : 0611-3350293-4

Main Volumes of Work Based on Initial Volumes of Agreement:

Summary of Work      : - Excavation of parts of Halil River as per drawings enclosed to the agreement

- Construction of masonry and mortar wall in upstream right abutment of Jiroft Bridge

- Construction of drop at the bottom of embankment at right coast

- Construction of toe drainage system

- Restoration and reconstruction of existing drops 

Earth filling volume           : 95153 m3

Excavation volume            : 2078223 m3

Bar                           : 4053 kg.

Concrete Work                   : 4495 m3

Base and Sub-base             :

Binder and Topeka asphalt : -


Contractor's Representatives: Mr. Mehdi Varshabi & Mr. Mohsen Nouri

Employer's Representative: