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Irrigation Sub-Networks Laboratories in Khuzestan Province

Project Name: Irrigation Sub-Networks Laboratories in Khuzestan Province  

Contract No.                     : 23467

Date                         : May 13, 2008

Initial Period of Contract   : 16 months

Initial price of agreement    : Rls. 3,974,446,080/- equal to: USD 1,147,026

Site                           : Khuzestan province

Consultant's Name            : Soil and Water Engineering Services Company

Name of Employer             : Khuzestan province Agricultural Jihad Org.

Address of Employer  : Golestan Three-Way, Golestan Blvd., Ahvaz, Iran, postcode: 61348-14534, Website: www.kaj.maj.ir

Tel: 3359852-60, Fax: 3359852-9

Summary of Work :

Performing Materials, Soil and Concrete examinations at projects for construction of irrigation sub-networks in Khuzestan Province  


Consultant's Representatives:

Mr. Hassan Alaghehband – Studies Deputy 

Mr. Seyed Ataollah Sakebi

Employer's Representative:

Mr. Keykhosrow Changlavaee