SWESC / projects / Executive operation of renovation of 4-B lot of Mashad-Sarakhs

Executive operation of renovation of 4-B lot of Mashad-Sarakhs

Agreement Specifications:

Project Name    : Executive operation of renovation of 4-B lot of Mashad-Sarakhs 

Contract No.             : 15/2088

Contract Date            : Jan. 2011

Contract Duration     : 36 months

Initial Agreement Price      : Rls. 179,550,000,000/-   USD 41,980,360  

Project Site        : Mashad - Sarakhs

Contractor's Name     : Water and Soil Engineering Services Company 

Employer's Particulars:

Employer's Name       : Transport Infrastructures Construction and Development Co. of Iran.  

Employer's Address  : Shahid Dadman Bldg., Africa St., Argentine Sq., Tehran, Iran

(Ministry of Road and Urban Planning)

Consultant's Particulars:

Name of Consultant Engineers Co.: Rastab Consultant Engineers Co. and Bahab No Andish Consultant Engineers Co. 

Consultant's Address :

Main Volumes of Work Based on Initial Volumes of Agreement:

Summary of Work      : Execution of road construction of 4-B lot of Mashad-Sarakhs with length of 27+700 km. (from km. 32+500 to 60+200) and width of 11 Sqm. including infrastructure and superstructure including related technical buildings

Earth filling volume   : 1389120 m3

Excavation volume    : 1156650 m3

Bar                   : 1967780 kg.

Concrete Work           : 32160 m3

Base and Sub-base     :


Contractor's Representatives: Mr. Hassan Alaghehband & Mr. Mr. Seyed Alireza Shariat Panahi

Employer's Representatives: Mr. Ghodratollah Najafi and Mr. Hossein Alizadeh